CruSz releases ‘Okay Boomerz’ EP + shares title-track video

CruSz press photo
Image credit: Kevin Deviercy

Revolutionary artist CruSz has released his latest EP, ‘Okay Boomerz’ via Enchanté Records. Along with the EP, the star shared the video for its title track. The EP was mastered by long-time friend Alex Gopher, who also remastered CruSz’s previous hit album, ‘Whispering XXI’. The album boasted one of the classic underground club tracks of the time, Whispering, which would make itself at home at the Le Rex Club in Paris, the Limelight in NYC, the Womb in Tokyo or the Pacha Club in Ibiza and receive an official remix from The Toxic Avenger. CruSz himself would go on to create an official remix for N’importe Comment by The Toxic Avenger and Orelsan. Watch the video clip for Okay Boomerz via YouTube below.

Hailing from Paris, CruSz has been creating music since 1998, marking himself as a legend of the underground Parisian scene. The producer has since lain low, allowing the years of music to sweep over him but staying in touch with the timeless styles of Daft Punk, Siriusmo, DJ Premier, Demon. His own, startling unique sound calls to mind the likes of Daft Punk, the old school style of Eurythmics and the modern works of Etienne de Crecy.

Glaringly unconventional and in-your-face snarky humor leads the EP as ‘Okay Boomerz’ immediately strikes a catchy tune. Be careful before you allow this earworm to wiggle its way into your brain – this creature will make a permanent party featuring unforgettable beats and neon lights. CruSz once again provides the tunes to an epic night out.

“I had the idea of ‘OK Boomerz’ first because it suited my mood at the time. I wanted to prop up this claim for an electro track, and it happened over a weekend without sleeping. Obviously ‘Stupidodiscodoom’ is a mixture of many modern sounds summoning the art of sampling and sound stacking. I wanted to compose this sound that can be heard in the distance, muffled and at the same time that fascinates you to the point of wanting to join the party.”CruSz takes us through his latest EP.

CruSz Okay Boomerz EP cover artwork

Okay Boomerz’ EP track listing
1. Okay Boomerz
2. StupidoDiscodoom

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