Culture Addicts does NXNE 2014: Vinyl…vinyl…vinyl

NXNE 214 haul vinyl

It is not surprising to any of our regular readers that I am a complete vinyl addict. I have always preferred analog medium over digital, and try to add to my record collection whenever I can. During this year’s NXNE, I picked up some very cool LPs at shows and during the Of Sound Mind DIY market.

Of Sound Mind showcased a bunch of Canadian indie record labels selling LPs, CDs and cassettes including Hand Drawn Dracula, Last Gang, Paper Bag Records, Buzz Records, etc.

hdd logoI grabbed a few LPs from Hand Drawn Dracula / Artificial Records, who are our favourite Toronto indie label. I picked up the Weeknight’s ‘Post-Everything’, Dream Affair’s ‘From Now On’ and Little Girls’ ‘Cults’ + plus I got a bag to carry my vinyl with the cool HDD 3-D logo on it.

Disappointingly, they didn’t have any copies of the Tiers’ Winter LP, which was the one I was most excited to pick up. I guess destiny wasn’t on my side yesterday – sigh.

The Weeknight LP is pressed on really cool clear vinyl with black vinyl faded out from the centre – very cool, and the Little Girls’ EP is pressed with red vinyl. Weakness alert! I am a total sucker for any coloured 7″, 10″ or 12″ vinyl. Watch the video for Dark Light by Weeknight via YouTube below.

[youtube_sc url=”” theme=”light”]

dleI also picked up a couple vinyl releases when Culture Addict faves Dead Leaf Echo rolled through town to play their set at Smiling Buddha. I picked up their 10″ EP ‘True.Deep.Sleeper’ and their LP ‘Thoughts & Language’ – the EP came pressed on clear ink vinyl and the LP was double gatefold vinyl pressed on two different colours of vinyl.  Lg from the band was super nice, and if they ever head out your way, you should definitely check out their set. Watch the video for Kingmaker by Dead Leaf Echo via YouTube below.

[youtube_sc url=”” theme=”light”]

Hopefully NXNE 2015 will bring back the DIY market next year since I am already looking forward to it. Fingers crossed.

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