Dallas-based dream-pop band SECRECIES share new single ‘Perfect Bite’

SECRECIES press photo
Photo by Vera Hernandez

On May 17, Dallas-based dream-pop band SECRECIES will release their new album ‘Perfect Bite’ via Idol Records (pre-order). Ahead of the new LP, the band is excited to share their final pre-release single and album’s title track, Perfect Bite. The track is on all digital platforms now or you can listen via YouTube below.

“Perfect Bite” isn’t just a song; it’s a profound journey through the intricate maze of human desire,” shares Shawn Magill, vocalist and guitarist of SECRECIES. “It delves into the depths of longing, uncertainty, and the multifaceted nature of desperation. The track encapsulates the raw vulnerability of human emotions, portraying a world where desires clash with the need for seclusion.”

Shawn Magill adds, “‘Perfect Bite’ is a plea for clarity, a quest for comprehension in a realm where emotions remain as enigmatic as shadows in the night. It reflects the eternal struggle between familiarity and the allure of the unknown.”

Reflecting on the lyrical content, she says, “‘I moved away from my perfect light, and your words have that perfect bite,’ serves as a poignant reminder of the profound impact words can have – to either uplift or devastate. Yet, amidst the tumultuous sea of emotions, there exists a glimmer of hope, a promise of redemption.”

Perfect Bite follows the album’s single Fashion Week, and its accompanying video which was released last month. The video, which was directed & edited by the band’s Shawn Magill and filmed by Vera Hernandez, and the track is available now on all digital platforms.

Post-Punk on the song, “It’s a track that would seamlessly blend into a playlist featuring the likes of Cocteau Twins, Lush, Slowdive, and Ladytron, yet it stands out with its own contemporary flair that bridges generations. The song captures the essence of a bygone era, reminiscent of the late ’80s and early ’90s, evoking memories of The Jesus and Mary Chain’s exploration of ’60s pop revival.” 

The band also announced a hometown record release show on Saturday, May 18 at the Doublewide in Dallas. Tickets are available here.

SECRECIES is the project of multifaceted songwriter, producer, musician, and band leader, Shawn Magill. ‘Perfect Bite’ features songs born amid the pandemic and new band members in an ever-rotating cast of talent. The new album is the sequel to SECRECIES’ self-titled debut in 2019, which earned them the coveted Best New Artist accolade at the Dallas Observer Music Awards. 

‘Perfect Bite’ unites dreamy, atmospheric sounds, driving electronic elements over a shoegaze wall of sound, creating a sonic journey that is simultaneously beautiful and thought-provoking, leading listeners through an exploration of the human experience. The 12-track album is marked by ethereal, echoing guitar and synth chords and otherworldly vocals, which create a dreamlike foundation that runs through the entire work. These haunting melodies inspire a sense of introspection and wonder, though decidedly rock-influenced. 

SECRECIES Perfect Bite cover artwork

Perfect Bite’ track list

1. Cathedrals
2. Perfect Bite
3. Fashion Week
4. Game Show
5. Golden Rule
6. Mars Rover
7. Imagine
8. All These Days
9. Dance With Me
10. Messed Up
11. Selfish
12. Worn Out

Within the music, there’s a strong presence of intricate electronic manipulation and ambient textures that add a futuristic, unpredictable dimension. The guitar is drenched in reverb, chorus, and delay nodding to 90s shoegaze influences, giving the album a sense of grandeur and epic storytelling while delving into themes of transcendence, introspection, and the cosmos. The album encourages listeners to reflect on their place in the universe, with each track contributing to a cosmic narrative. 

Harmonies are warm and inviting, with chords that transition smoothly, incorporating a blend of suspension and release to create a sense of anticipation and contentment. Shawn’s vocals are honey-sweet, carrying emotion and story in every word. It’s as though she’s sharing a secret with the world, a message of love, hope, and longing. Her vocals resonate with the heart, leaving the listener with a feeling as though worries are momentarily forgotten, and time seems to stand still until the last song.

SECRECIES’ new album, Perfect Bite features band leader and songwriter, Shawn Magill on vocals, bass guitar, and synthesizer as well musicians Alex Bhore on guitar and synthesizer (composer/ producer for HALO video game, prior member of This Will Destroy You), Leah Lane on guitar (of Rosegarden Funeral Party), Dean Adams on percussion (of LoreleiK), and Ivan Beltran on drums (of Only Ever). The album was produced and engineered by Alex Bhore at Elmwood Recording in Oak Cliff and mastered by Dave Cooley of Elysian Masters in Pasadena, CA. 

SECRECIES’ sound has drawn comparisons to Slowdive, Ladytron, Beach House, Automatic, New Dad, Wet Leg, St Etienne, Sylvan Esso, Purity Ring, Glass Candy, The XX. and even Blondie’s more disco-leaning material. 

In addition to the synth-pop shoegaze project SECRECIES, Magill is a collage artist, composer, and designer who collaborates with fashion designers and photographers as well as bands, dance companies, theaters, and nonprofits to help them tell their stories. Her work has been seen and heard at various venues, stages, and screens throughout the county, including Theatre Three and Second Thought Theater in Dallas, and the NAMT Festival for new writers in New York. 

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