Decorum release DIY video for ‘Book Burning’


Decorum have released their new music video for the post-punk track, Book Burning, which is lifted from the ‘Vail EP’. The video was self-produced and low budget using a makeshift green screen and a two hour rental at The Sweatshop. The song and video are both oozing with indie, post-punk coolness – check it out via Vimeo below.

D E C O R U M — B O O K B U R N I N G from Decorum on Vimeo.

The band are also playing a bunch of shows including NXNE in Toronto. Check out the tour dates below.

06/03: BROOKLYN, NY – COLOR ME BUSHWICK FESTIVAL with Oxenfree, Nail Polish, Milan To Minsk, Sharkmuffin, Cosmonaut, Shinobi Ninja, Rich Girls, Monograms and Revel in Dimes.
06/05: BROOKLYN, NY – GOLD SOUNDS with Final Bloom and Canter (IL).
06/11: BROOKLYN, NY – NORTHSIDE FESTIVAL (BAR MATCHLESS) with Turbo Goth, We Are Temporary, My Favorite and Psymon Spine.
06/14: SYRACUSE, NY: SPIT FAM HOUSE with Minnoe and Siren’s Image.
06/15: ROCHESTER, NY – THE BUG JAR with Big Eyes, Boy Jr. and Full Body.
06/16: TORONTO, ON – COALITION T.O. with Amy’s Arms and The Starved.
06/17: HAMILTON, ON – HOMEGROWN HAMILTON with Love Serum, The Pucumber Sasssquash Family and Worst Gift.
06/18: BUFFALO, NY – THE LAIR with The Patterns, Lockedown and Ex-Pat.
06/19: ALBANY, NY – PAULY’S HOTEL with Eternal Crimes and Bye.
06/26: BROOKLYN, NY – SILENT BARN with Underpass (WA), Soft Kill (OR) and Bootblacks.