Demons seeks to burn down white supremacy with ‘Inauguration Day’

Demons press photo

Demons shares Inauguration Day, an earworm banger that hits so quick and hard you’ll be seeking treatment for whiplash.

Singer/guitarist Chris Matthews says, “This song is a lamentation. I had recently read about a project of collecting jars of soil from the sites of lynchings throughout U.S. history to commemorate the victims. One wonders what it might look like to add to that list of victims those who have been brutalized by modern-day, state-sanctioned White Supremacist murder. We named this ‘Inauguration Day’ as a working title; but it seemed fitting to keep it as a tongue in cheek reference to the empty promises of reform. How many more lynchings will be live streamed before we finally ‘burn it all down’?” Listen to Inauguration Day via YouTube below.

Demons is a heavy four-piece punk band from Norfolk, Virginia, that pull from dimensions of noise rock, sludge, and hardcore to generate a sound that has been described as “raw and confrontational fury.” Demons forthcoming offering, ‘Swallow,’ is a blast of all-killer-no-filler force that will appeal to fans of music characterized by chaotic energy and deeply rooted aggression expressed in a beautiful balance of ultra-catchy, driving riffs, burly grooves, and angular dissonance.

‘Swallow’ sees release via cassette and digital on September 2 via Knife Hits Records. Order it here.

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