Dentist share ‘Don’t Let Me Catch You’ video

Dentist press photo

NJ’s rising indie rock trio Dentist serve up a cold dish of revenge in their new video for their Don’t Let Me Catch You single. Don’t let the soft voice or kind face of Dentist vocalist/bassist Emily Bornemann fool you – she will bash your skull in with a baseball bat and bury you in a shallow grave! Or at least that’s how it goes in the band’s newest video for a fresh new single, the dynamic and energetic rocker Don’t Let Me Catch You. The track rolls everything there is to love about Dentist into one aural blast including a wickedly sharp, punk surf riff from guitarist Justin Bornemann and a powerful, propulsive rhythm track from skin basher Matt Hockenjos. For the video, the band reteamed with director Sean Bell, who also directed the band’s equally gory Someone Like You, for another blackly humorous story of violence that proves the old adage about a woman scorned.

Watch the video clip via YouTube below.

You can also stream the single:

It’s been over a year since the band released new music, and what a year it’s been. But the trio certainly hasn’t wasted any time – they’ve prepared a new full-length album that will be released later this year. A band spokesperson shares, “The beginning of 2020 was full of promise, but it took a hard turn that none of us expected. Instead of making music that reflected on the depression that set in during lockdown, we decided to work on an album that would inspire us and our listeners to hang in there and look forward to better times ahead. Our new album is fueled by both the struggle and excitement of getting to a better place – with upbeat, melodic and fuzzed out songs, as exemplified in our first single for 2021. Though some express feelings of doubt or anger, the songs all convey a range of emotions that have been shadowed by a global pandemic and the stresses of everyday life. Our ultimate goal for this album is to help uncover the little joys in life and to approach some of its many uncertainties with a positive outlook.”