Drunken Logic releases new EP ‘It’s Only Temporary’

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Drunken Logic has released his new EP ‘It’s Only Temporary’. Sometimes you can have a really good song but not have any place to put it. For Jacob Cassman, he had around 20 of these hidden gems piling up on his phone with no place to fit in for his other projects. During the weekend the country began to shut down, he resurfaced those demos and finally organized them into three EPs and a full length album.

The first of the EPs, ‘It’s Only Temporary’, offers a flurry of eclectic alternative pop and power pop that chronicle his experiences of intense loneliness and anxiety. With crunchy power chords and unwavering vocals, this EP carries listeners through a storm of uncertain times. ‘It’s Only Temporary’ is a reflection of the change in Drunken Logic’s sound, and (hopefully) a reassuring reminder that this pandemic will come to an end. Listen to ‘It’s Only Temporary’ via SoundCloud below.

“The main inspiration was the pandemic. The weekend that the country began to shut down back in March, I took a long drive up to Palm Springs, and spent most of it going through 20 or more old demos I had on my phone, none of which I could put together into records that felt cohesive in my head. By the end of that drive, however, I’d suddenly organized them into three EPs and a full-length album. Four or five of those songs stood out in particular as tracks that could be produced electronically and remotely, but I had largely stayed away from because I couldn’t find a spot for them on the previous DL albums or figure out how to reproduce them live — some of those songs were over a decade old. And as this pandemic dragged on, I realized that there were themes of loneliness and anxiety that really resonated with me in those songs, even though they weren’t about the pandemic specifically. It felt like a cool time to try something new sonically, in exploring electronic production and remote recording; and new conceptually, in that these songs weren’t ripped from the headlines or telling an overall story, but still felt relevant and powerful in this strange moment.” – Jake Cassman

‘It’s Only Temporary’ album details
Drunken Logic It’s Only Temporary cover artwork

‘It’s Only Temporary’ EP track list

1. A Good Soul Is Hard To Find
2. Lost In February
3. I Believe In Gravity
4. I’ll Follow My Shadow On The Wall

Order ‘It’s Only Temporary’ here

More about Drunken Logic

Jake Cassman writes out of impulse — because he has no other choice. He followed that impulse when he left an Ivy League school to pursue a career in music, and when he moved to LA after seven successful years in Boston. And it was that impulse that compelled him to write a concept album about the search for sanity and empathy in a fractured America. That’s why Jake founded Drunken Logic, a band that “blend[s] more genres and styles than we have room to list, all in the name of creating an eclectic fast-forward sound that’s shaken up after each track” (Vanyaland). Since then, DL has released three critically acclaimed albums and several award-winning music videos and performed at major events and venues like AT&T Park and First Night Boston — all while demonstrating profound honesty, scathing wit, and musical fearlessness.

Jake’s artistic journey has taken him around the world and back again, with jobs in every corner of the music industry and performances at everything from celebrity galas to improv comedy shows. He’s also participated in grassroots campaigns for automatic voter registration and universal healthcare, and taught songwriting classes to young people trying to find their voices. Despite his busy schedule, Jake still saves time for pickup basketball, urban and rural hiking, and trying new beers based solely on their names.

With each step forward, DL has been careful to give back to their community by supporting progressive causes and hosting music workshops for young people. Drunken Logic donated their song and video What A Beautiful Morning! to the 30 Days, 30 Songs project for a Trump-free America, alongside artists like Death Cab for Cutie, R.E.M. and more. In 2018, Jake returned to his home state of California to release DL’s third record, ‘The Loudness Wars’ — an unblinking reflection on the forces roiling our country and the people left in their wake. Consistently funny, always honest, and never boring, Drunken Logic is a powder keg of diverse rock music sparked by the American folk tradition — an inspiring and challenging sound defined by the times in which we live.

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