El No share trippy video for ‘Hot Eyes’

El No press photo

Texas/Ohio’s El No, who released their debut LP, ‘Nothing Is Possible,’ on April 1, 2021, are already back with the album’s follow up, ‘Hoodlums’. The band shared the video for one of the tracks lifted from the new record, Hot Eyes.

“Craigo [Nichols] made the ‘Hot Eyes’ video with footage from a recent show in Columbus, Ohio,” guitarist Nate Farley explained. “The song was written and recorded in one day, and was the final piece we were waiting on to finish off Hoodlums.

Check out the video for Hot Eyes via YouTube below.

Offering a little more focus and hocus pocus on this one, the group boasts that it is heavy on mid-‘80s “hood culture” energy. El No will release ‘Hoodlums’ via Howdy Mouse Records on April 1 and are preparing to do some touring and festivals this year.

Born and raised during the apocalypse of 2020, El No began as a collaboration between Farley (Guided By Voices, the Amps, Robthebank, the Breeders) and Nichols (Bellringer, Fur Coats, Dumbell, Shesus). With roots in the Dayton, Ohio, music scene, they are now both ex-pats living in Columbus, Ohio; and Austin, Texas, respectively. For ‘Hoodlums,’ the group has expanded their ranks and are now a four-piece with the addition of Ohioans Jamy Holliday and Duane Hart.

For more information on El No, check out their Facebook and Bandcamp pages.

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