Electronic artist Nathan Germick shares new single ‘For The Money’

Nathan Germick press photo

San Francisco electronic artist Nathan Germick has shared his new single For The Money. The track is the lead single lifted from his forthcoming album ‘Goldenboy,’ and exemplifies one of the record’s core themes: a skepticism towards the overwhelming nature of social media.

Additionally, Nathan has shared the video for the song, made by his brother, Ryan Germick. The video compiles clips of computer-related media from the dawn of the digital age, and creates a nice contrast with the song’s decidedly more cynical lyrics. Watch the video clip for For The Money via YouTube below.

For Germick, ‘Goldenboy’ is a labour of love. All of the music on it was written, performed, and produced last year at home while in quarantine, a time that he believes was “an intensely personal experience because you’re trapped in your own head.” When you’re left to your own devices, it’s only natural to pour yourself honestly into your work. 
Nathan Germick’s forthcoming new album ‘Goldenboy’ is due out June 25th, 2021 via Independent Release.

Nathan Germick Goldenboy cover artwork

‘Goldenboy’ track list

1. Quiet Leo
2. Spectacular Failure
3. Endless Pattern
4. For The Money
5. Waiting
6.Happy Place
7. Lifeline
8. Inevitable Comedown
9. Still
10. Fallout

More about Nathan Germick

Despite his Northwest Indiana upbringing, musician Nathan Germick has spent most of his adult life in San Francisco. You can hear the influence of both places in his songwriting; the Midwestern honesty and vulnerability and the vibrant aesthetic of the Bay Area working hand in hand. And while his current home is known for its art and music scene, Germick makes no secret that the rise of technology there has put a squeeze on those creating there, himself included. 

The struggle against a society dominated by technology is a core theme of his new album ‘Goldenboy’. Throughout the record, Germick explores the various internal and external obstacles we face on the way to becoming the best version of ourselves. Songs like Spectacular Failure and For the Money see him coming to terms with his insecurities and self-doubt. ‘Goldenboy’ is sonically rich and quite diverse, calling to mind the reserved introspection of Sufjan Stevens at times, and then following up with the spirited experimentation of Passion Pit. 

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