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Fake Palms, the project of Toronto-based musician, Michael le Riche has shared the new single/video for Flags. The track is lifted from the band’s new album, ‘Lemons’ which is out now via Hand Drawn Dracula (Young Guv, Tallies, Tess Parks)marking the label’s 100th release. ‘Lemons’ has found support so far from Brooklyn Vegan, Exclaim, CBC Radio and more for the early singles – it arrives as the third full-length from Fake Palms and reintroduces the project after a short break in which le Riche focused on his electro-synth project, Sauna.

Flags circles around outsider-pop, post-punk and the sound of early/mid-naughts British indie-rock. Swirling guitars bounce off of each other circling around fervent percussion before shifting into something harder-hitting across the chorus. Speaking about the single, Michael says: “‘Flags’ is a song about having to find where you fit within the machinery. Is it comfortable? Is it against what your beliefs are? Do you want to do it or do you have to do it? Do you feel like a traitor? Or are you scared at how much you actually enjoy it? We all seem to have these specters we answer to, these things we rally for or against subconsciously. This is kind of about what happens when you are forced to stare your decisions in the face.” Watch the video clip for Flags via YouTube below.

Michael le Riche called upon a veritable who’s who of Toronto indie-dom for Lemons, drawing from the ranks of Dilly Dally (Ben Reinhartz), Ducks Ltd (Evan Lewis), Sauna (Braeden Craig), and Twist (Laura Hermiston). Taking to Candle Recording studio with long-time contributor, co-producer, and engineer Josh Korody (Breeze, Beliefs), the songwriting dove headlong even further into dream-math-punk sensibilities.

The new record evolves from the 00’s angular guitar rhythms that defined the post-punk foundations of Fake Palms’ first two releases. ‘Lemons’ switches out some of the irregular time-signatures of 70’s college rock and first-take recording approach, this time moving with confidence into more dissonant yet accessible directions of brighter melodic structures.

Fake Palms Lemons cover artwork

Lemons’ track list

1. Drain
2. Visions
3. Satellite
4. Wasted Silhouettes
5. Civil Liberties
6. The Curl
7. Flags
8. Bloom
9. Soft Fear

You can buy Fake Palms’ ‘Lemons’ here

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