Genevieve Atradi shares video for ‘Godzillaaaa’

Genevieve Atradi press photo
Credit: Richard Thompson

Jazz singer Genevieve Atradi has shared Godzillaaaa featuring Real Bad Man. It’s the latest single and music video lifted from her upcoming album ‘Dizzy Strange Summer,’ which is due out July 17 via Brainfeeder Records. 

Following her singles Hot Mess and Living Like I Know I’m Gonna Die, Artadi brings her take on a synthy, urban sound to the streets of Tokyo, Japan. She sings of feelings of betrayal and the desire to be free from someone – or something – toxic. Artadi spits the truth over a fiery and distorted beat: “Godzilla, let me go. Hope killer, you’re too cold.

Watch Godzillaaaa feat. Real Bad Man via YouTube below.

Real Bad Man (Adam Jay Weissman) not only helped write and produce the track, but also accompanied Artadi to Tokyo to direct the music video. The vlog-style video shows Artadi drinking, flipping the camera, and wandering aimlessly through the streets of Tokyo, growing more frustrated by the minute. Through the monochromatic tone to her voice and constant eye rolls seen in the video, the jazz singer is obviously over the restraints this monster-like creature has put on her. The hands-on filming and minimal editing reflects Artadi’s roots as a DIY artist growing up in Los Angeles.

On ‘Dizzy Strange Summer’, Genevieve Artadi offers a window into her ad-lib creativity and the LA community where it’s been nurtured. This is the vocalist, composer and producer’s second solo album and sees her stake out her own ground outside of her other groups KNOWER, Expensive Magnets and Everything’s Under Control. She brings her own slant to the DIY LA scene that she’s grown up in, melding influences from jazz, psychedelia, bossa nova, and avant-garde electronics. ‘Dizzy Strange Summer’ marks not only Artadi’s debut on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder imprint, but her first self-produced project released on any record label. 

Genevieve Atradi Dizzy Strange Summer cover artwork

‘Dizzy Strange Summertrack listing

Side A

01. I Hate When I Can’t Feel My Heart

02. Living Like I Know I’m Gonna Die

03. Godzillaaaa (feat. Real Bad Man)

04. Nowhere to Go 

05. Edge of the Cliff (feat. David Binney, Louis Cole)

06. Will You Tell Me 

07. Loneliness Grows

08. Hot Mess 

Side B

01. Hope Song

02. Is What You Believe

03. Feelz Tru

04. oo ya

05. All I Want for Now 

06. Mad Child 

07. Before the Dark 

08. cupcake5