Gezellig Records releases Japan’s Stomp Talk Modstone’s shoegaze record

Stomp Talk Modstone Press photo

Gezellig Records has announced the newest signee to their roster, all the way from Japan…Stomp Talk Modstone. For their first release with Gezellig Records, they’re offering a shoegaze album called ‘Linger In Someone’s Memory With A Lurid Glow’. It’s a powerful double album with 10 tracks in each part. The band pulled out all the stops to create twenty songs that encapsulate their appreciation for the shoegaze genre. This quintet has some serious chops when it comes to building sick soundscapes, moody melodies, and wistful vocals. Don’t be intimidated by the length of this album, it doesn’t let up in quality at any point. Listen to Lily which is lifted from the LP via YouTube below.

This is definitely an album for fans of early 90’s shoegaze acts My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Ride, Medicine, and Lilys. Stomp Talk Modstone also fits in with contemporaries like Tokyo Shoegazer, Pinkshinyultrablast, Nothing, or Roku Music.

Gezellig Records will also be selling a limited edition cassette, featuring all twenty tracks of the album. It’s limited to 50 and will be available exclusively through the label’s bandcamp page.

Throughout the last year, Stomp Talk Modstone found themselves on a variety of DKFM’s playlists. White Light // White Heat calls the band’s music “dreamlike, reflective yet energetic lit by bright shimmering guitar melodies, bleeding into deep throbbing bassline pulse.” Cloudberry Records Blog agreed, saying that Stomp Talk Modstone makes “beautiful pop music with swirling guitars and dreamy and moody melodies.”

Stomp Talk Modstone is Takamitsu Kawashima, Naoki Nishino, Kouta Hoshino, Megumu Asai, and Mimu Sano. Linger… will be the last album to feature Mimu Sano as a member, as she will be going on an indefinite hiatus from the project.

More about Gezellig Records?

Gezellig Records is an independent label based out of Knoxville, Tennessee, run by Ben TO Smith, who has previously worked with the Big Ears Festival and as a concert production manager across the Southeast US . The goal of the label is to share artists from all over the world to connect fans and creators through arts and music.

For more information on Gezillig Records, visit

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