Gezellig Records releases shoegazers FOG’s debut album ‘Fogesque’

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Gezellig Records has announced the release of FOG’s debut album ‘Fogesque’. The Seoul Special City shoegazers join the ranks of incredible Korean exports, including Say Sue Me, Mid-Air Thief, and Vidulgi Ooyoo, that create sounds beyond what Westerners would typically consider Korean music.

Two years in the making, ‘Fogesque’ is FOG’s first full length album. A self-produced project, it is a delightful exploration into dreamy textures, hazy soundscapes, and pretty melodies. Four of the tracks previously appeared on demo album ‘The Harder We Push, The Faster We’ll All Get Outta Here’ released in 2018. The evolution of these and the inclusion of five new songs form a 44-minute dreamscape full of both floaty, light weight melodies and noisy, gritty walls of sound. Listen to Acid Dream via YouTube below.

Gezellig Records is releasing ‘Fogesque’ on a limited-edition pink cassette. Each cassette will come with hand-made art and stickers and are limited to total of fifty, shipping from the US. The band also offers CDs of the album, shipping from South Korea. Grab a copy via Bandcamp here.

More about FOG

Muso Japan calls FOG “the band at the forefront of Korean shoegaze in this new decade” and after listening through Fogesque’s nine hazy tracks, it’s easy to see why. FOG’s style of shoegaze can draw comparisons to Slowdive, Lush, DIIV, and even Gezellig Records’ own Best Friend. Even in the liner notes of the physical releases, FOG dedicates the album to “those who dream of shoegaze.” This is an album and a band for the real heads.

FOG is Gyungwon Sin (Vocals, Guitars, Synths), Ganghyeon Ryu (Guitars), Seungjun Oh (Bass), and Bang9suk (Drums). FOG is based out of Seoul, South Korea.

More about Gezellig Records

Gezellig Records is an independent label based out of Knoxville, Tennessee, run by Ben TO Smith, who has previously worked with the Big Ears Festival and as a concert production manager across the Southeast US. The goal of the label is to share artists from all over the world to connect fans and creators through arts and music.

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