GHEIST share new single ‘You’

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Following on from their debut album announcement and release of the first single, Berlin based trio GHEIST follow up with second single, You, out now via their own Radau Music imprint. The latest single, gives a further glimpse into what to expect from the forthcoming ‘Zukunft’ LP and comes packed with bold breaks and modulated synth lines. Listen to You via SoundCloud below.

Holding a long affinity with song writing, composition and melody, GHEIST have refined and cultivated their process of crafting powerful electronic music from behind a piano and microphone over a number of years, each song painstakingly created with individual care and attention and no song the same. 

Emerging from the shadow of previous single We Are Not Alone, You consolidates their influences and redefines their target audience, being suitable for both packed club experiences and home listening environments during life’s more intimate moments. Modulating synths taking centre stage and ineffably eathereal vocals echo across the breaks of the track, whilst being tied down by lush melodies all created by GHEIST in their Berlin based studio. 

As with all GHEIST tracks, emotion plays a key role in the development of the single and continues the trend of injecting personal and singular moments into their songcraft. 

“The idea of ‘You’ came upon a morning run, when the River Spree in Berlin mirrored a lonely runner in the water, and I realised it was ‘You’” – GHEIST 

With debut LP Zukunft on the horizon and the reopening of the world’s clubs close, GHEIST take on the next twelve months with cautious optimism. The debut album has been in development since the inception of GHEIST and something that they’ve constantly strived towards, a project which allows themselves a space to fully explore themselves as artists. Developing the album over the last 12 months, through the lockdowns they carefully found the right approach; an LP that one side holds tracks that are designed to enthral dancefloors but on the other side are as comfortable for home listening. 

GHEIST’s You is available now via Radau Music.

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