GiftBird launches animated e-cards with indie content creators

GiftBird screens

Attention lovers!!! New York based greeting card app GiftBird has launched animated e-cards in time for Valentine’s Day. The app offers fresh and unique video content that is updated every week with creative greeting card themes commissioned through content creators from indie illustrators and animators in the U.S., Russia, Japan, Poland, Brazil and more. 

GiftBird is designed to celebrate the tenderness of life’s moments, both big and small, through beautiful animated e-cards that are fun and easy to send. 

The app has announced its Valentine’s Day collection featuring content creators from Los Angeles, Brooklyn and St. Petersburg, Russia including themes such as friendship, family and romance to show appreciation in the kindest gesture. [View here]

One of GiftBird’s goals is to spotlight and support emerging, diverse and talented artists – download the app to explore. Available on iOS, desktop and viewable on Android.

The pandemic has shown us how important relationships can be for mental and emotional health. The app offers customizable video recordings using personal photos and audio plus written messages for every occasion. GiftBird also has the capability to create friends and family “group cards” that allow every member of the group to record their own personalized video message and attach a customized written message. Users can also send gift cards from Sephora, Footlocker and many more. 

“Visually I aspired to a look that was like a graphic novel with bold font and hand-drawn illustrations, but that was still elegant, artistic and emotionally impactful,” said Founder and CEO, Catherine Wang.

As part of Black History Month, GiftBird will feature personal artwork from the app’s illustrator, Isak Shah on Instagram, Feb 22 –  follow here for the full story.

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“It’s an immersive experience for the recipient to watch something beautiful, artistic and truly original that captures the emotion of the occasion for which it is sent,” said Wang. “The idea is for the recipient to actually feel the happiness and joy of the event being celebrated by watching the video. Or for those small moments, the love and emotional connection that inspired the sender to send the card. And then to have those emotions compounded by seeing the face of the sender and hearing them verbalize those sentiments directly to them in their own words.”