Holy Boy release new single ‘The Blood Moon’

Holy Boy

Holy BoyHoly Boy is the new project from Norwegian-born, LA based, Helene Alexandra Jaeger. Recorded and produced with the acclaimed Ben Hillier (The Horrors, Depeche Mode, Blur) at The Pool Studios in London 2016, her new EP is an ominous, metaphysical arrangement out now via Native Habitat. You can take a listen to the second single The Blood Moon, lifted from the EP via Soundcloud below.

The eponymous debut is a collection of tragic outlier love songs, foreboding drums, and defiant psychoanalysis exploring the space between life and death, melancholy and existential dread. After teaching herself the process of automatic writing as a way to vent after someone close to her passed away, Jaeger gradually discovered that stream of consciousness writing opened up a new, deeper realm of expression for her as a songwriter. Around these experiments Holy Boy was born; “I believe there’s something unspoken in the human consciousness, a deeper part of being that comes out beyond language and speech.

Lyrically, the EP is like falling down the rabbit hole of someone else’s subconscious. A concept piece, you get the feeling Jaeger’s a solitary figure shipwrecked on circumstance, a romantic at heart with an up close and personal lens. Her psychoanalytic tendencies feel defiant on tracks such as Lay Your Hands Upon Me: “There’s a black, black flame that’s dancing in me, burn me till I’m pure as snow.” she croons in her old soul contralto, contemplating her own neurosis. This intense looming atmosphere is present through-out, contrasted only by the purity of Helene’s voice.