Hot Garbage share video for ‘Snooze You Loose’

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Toronto-based Psych rockers Hot Garbage has released the music video for Snooze You Loose, first single lifted off their upcoming album ‘Precious Dream’ to be released January 19th, 2024 via Mothland (CA/US) and Exag’ Records (EU/UK). Watch the video for Snooze You Loose via YouTube below.

Hot Garbage melt into a heavily volatile yet undeniably palatable amalgamation of sonic elements. Calling on the driving rhythms of dark post-punk and motorik krautrock, the Toronto-based outfit seamlessly works shining melodies and swirling textures into deliberate, brooding arrangements. Fans of Sonic Youth, Broadcast and 70’s era Iggy Pop should no doubt find a familiar pull into their raw sound, which draws inspiration from a wide and eclectic range of musical genres and art forms.

Opening track Snooze You Lose, off Hot Garbage’s new full-length, ‘Precious Dream’ (January 19th, 2024 via Mothland & Exag’ Records), packs an explosive punch, flying through two minutes of maniacal laughter, savvy punk riffage and a heavy dose of Graham Walsh (Holy Fuck, No Joy, !!!, etc.)’s signature off-the-wall production. Utilizing tritones and other “evil” compositional methods prescribed by past evangelicals, the grungy and sardonic single achieves more than simply melting your face, it literally sets your eardrums into a frenzy, the work of bombastic rhythms, utterly-distorted bass, guitar and organ, as well as reverb-drenched vocals gliding atop an ominous sea of decibels and feedbacks.

Hot Garbage Precious Dream cover artwork

‘Precious Dream’ Tracklisting
1. Snooze You Lose
2. Look at My Phone
3. Lowering
4. Mystery
5. Tunnel Traps
6. Sarabandit
7. Blue Cat
8. Traveller / Caravan
9. Erase My Mind

The song is about how time passes when you stand still. Sometimes all you can do is laugh.
– Hot Garbage

Here Hot Garbage can be seen playing completely real instruments in their day-to-day attire. Seen in the video is: a live performance, a swing set, and a candid perspective of the daily grind. The video, with a budget of under $50 (mostly spent on fake blood), was shot on a cheap plastic toy camera and uses homemade props and movements from the camera and lights, resulting in a frantic, lo-fi presentation that is playful yet intense.
– Alex Carlevaris from Hot Garbage

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