In The Valley Below share Spanish version of ‘Elephant’

In The Valley Below Elephant video still

In The Valley Below have released a Spanish version of their song Elephant in advance of their upcoming performance at this year’s Corona Capital Festival in Mexico City on November 16. They will be performing alongside Billie Eilish, Weezer, The Strokes, Interpol, amongst others. Along with the track, they’ve shared a stunning video for the English version of the song, shot entirely in Mexico City – watch the clip via YouTube below.

Discussing the video, Angela Gail and Jeffrey Jacob, stated, “For the video we just wanted to go to a great place. We love Mexico and we hadn’t spent much time in Mexico City, so we decided to do it there. We brought some giant inflatable elephants and drove in a van. We turned on the camera in the places we liked. The police drove us away from some places, but most of them were all curious. It was quite magical. We are thrilled to be able to return to Mexico City, to perform at one of the best festivals in the world.”

In The Valley Below continue to support their acclaimed sophomore album + feature full-length film, ‘The Pink Chateau,’ released this past Spring via Bright Antenna.  The duo toured the U.S., performing live with the film  at Alamo Drafthouse cinemas across the  country.

For In The Valley Below, hardship and passion are two sides of the same coin, and romance is the only defense against a world gone mad.  Almost giving up on a music career when Angela found out she was pregnant, they emerged in 2014 with a hit single, Peaches lifted from their debut album ‘The Belt’. Angela and Jeffrey were swept up quickly into an unexpected whirlwind… a record deal with Capitol Records, invitations to perform on Letterman and Conan, tours with Albert Hammond Jr., Tricky, White Lies and the Cold War Kids, and festival dates from Austin City Limits to Reading & Leeds.  After living on the road for several years, with child, bags were packed in LA and shipped to Grand Rapids, where a house was bought and a basement studio created.

Holing up in their home studio, the resultant album, ‘The Pink Chateau’ puts lie to our preconceived notions of how environment influences music. There’s a tendency to conflate an artist’s sound with their surrounding geography—be it the sun-dappled serenity of ‘70s Laurel Canyon folk-rock or the industrial pallor of Manchester post-punk. But ‘The Pink Chateau‘ is proof you can make sexy, urbane, tropical pop music in a Michigan basement in the dead of winter. When the duo invite you to “drink champagne in the pink chateau” on the album’s seductively funky title track, the message is clear:  paradise is wherever you want it to be.

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