Inkräktare release ‘We Are Not Really Here’ LP + share new video ‘Free The World’

Inkräktare Press photo
Photo by Mark Wallace

Electronic maverick producer Dean Garcia is back with his new Inkräktare album, together with Mark Wallbridge (a.k.a. Vasko The Pig). Garcia was behind the 90s indie rock legends Curve. The new album is titled ‘We Are Not Really Here’, which presents a collective noise that embodies the collaborative concept. After teasing videos for the tracks Husk and Saphirr Bomb, they have shared their new video for Free The World featuring Rose Berlin of SPC ECO. watch the video clip via YouTube below.

Ten years have passed since the release of the first Inkräktare album ‘You Have Reached Your Destination’, an intentionally low key release. With their new album, the pair have raised the bar through the roof to create something far more inclusive, focused and defined. Maverick producer and multi-instrumentalist Dean Garcia is in full throttle with this record. Like it or not, Dean has the gift of mood-enhancing magic about him – here we find those skills in full force. Dean’s very specific and particular expertise, combined with Mark’s militantly distorted art-scape sound pools not only guide but drive the recordings at full autobahn pace through a world of abstract, yet very tonal and suggestive aural mood swings.

Joining the Inkräktare voice dots here are the interstellar vocal talents of Rose Berlin (SPC ECO) and Preston Maddox (Bloody Knives and S T F U), as well as vocal contributions from Mark and Dean. As with the previous release, there’s an unpredictable voice element at play here. From the album’s opening song Speak Out Loud to the album’s closer Could There Be, you get a very broad sense of mood vocals from all.

“This is a very different kind of collaboration in terms of how the ideas are formed and realised than anything I’ve done before. The original soundscapes that Mark sends me are not fully formed as such in any way, they have form but it’s very abstract, ie no specific arrangements, middles, bridges chorus’s etc, they are open to interpretation to my ear and can therefor go anywhere, unstructured and unrestricted or constrained by a pre conceived template. My connection to them is very much from a tonal point of view, the aim is to magnify what’s there by developing a more defined structure by means of bass and drums or anything I feel works,” says Dean Garcia.

“It’s like someone giving you an abstract painting and allowing the other to somehow make it more defined, but still maintain and allow the original source to breathe and shine through. What’s fascinating to me is the way that process happens. I connect in such a particular way that, instead of having to really try or think about how to merge the two, it just happens on its own instinctively because the original backdrop is so strong with its unique built-in art-mosphere. It allows me to just let loose and expand or try things that I otherwise would not. I’ve always said the key to making something you love is to allow these unstructured free-fall on-the-fly no-fucks-given elements into the recording process. When they happen or you allow and embrace this approach, you’ll get something deeper, more expressive and original. Working with Mark’s sound ideas does exactly that – it not only encourages this, but almost taunts or dares you to open up and go there.”

As with all of Garcia’s projects and collaborations, there’s a certain hi-brow air and confidence about the recordings, offering mood-laden sculptured and alternative influenced sonidelica.

We Are Not Really Here Album cover artwork

Track list
01 Speak Out Loud
02 Say Goodbye To You
03 Terrified
04 The Night Growls
05 Free The World
06 We Are Broken
07 We Are Not Really Here
08 Who Cares
09 Saphirr Bomb
10 Husk
11 Could There Be?

‘We Are Not Really Here’ was released exclusively via Bandcamp and Spotify on December 1. A six-track cassette and an undisclosed 7″ single will also be released in early 2020.