Jaialai share new single + video ‘For Today’

Jaialai Press photo

Miami psych-dream-pop quartet Jaialai released For Today lifted from upcoming EP, ‘As Sweet As I Was,’ due March 12 via Super Music Group. You can check out the video for the latest single via YouTube below.

Discussing the track, guitarist Jovi Adames said, “For Today is about anxiety and how it feels as if there’s this presence or entity controlling your life. Even though you try to fight it and try to change, you can always find yourself fighting these demons over and over…and that’s ok.”

The Pedro Bello-directed video was inspired by contemporary horror and paranormal activity, and personifies anxiety as a character. Adames further explains, “The aesthetic of horror in the contemporary world of cameras felt like an exciting way to portray anxiety in a music video… our generation grew up on websites like ‘Creepy Pasta’ and stories like ‘el silbon’ (a folkloric Venezuelan demon). Our parents would tell us horror stories that actually tell tales of human nature disguised as these entities.”

Despite the darker connotations of the song, Jaialai’s main message is that we’re human and feel emotions that we should recognize. “This is not an easy process and it usually takes time… once it appears, it doesn’t completely go away, but we have to understand is how to live with it and cope with it.”

‘As Sweet As I Was’ EP details

For Today is the final single from the anticipated EP, following the release of the explosive Vesuvius and the acclaimed, jazz-fused, Victor’s Belt.

As Sweet As I Was EP cover artwork

As Sweet As I Was’ track listing

1 For Today
2 Backseat Driver
3 Casablanca
4 Vesuvius
5 Victor’s Belt

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