Josh Thorpe shares visuals for ‘Honeysuckle Moon’

Josh Thorpe press photo

Glasgow-based Canadian Josh Thorpe shared the visuals for his latest single, Honeysuckle Moon. The track is lifted from the recently released album ‘Love & Weather’ out now via Unusual Music Exchange. A spacious, ethereal track, Honeysuckle Moon emotes the percussive openness of artists such as Dirty Three, Smog and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy. Watch the video clip via YouTube below.

More information on ‘Love & Weather’

Joined on bass by Rory Haye (Alex Rex), and drums by Owen Curtis Williams (Withered Hand, eagleowl), ‘Love & Weather’ pushes minimalist rock and roll to new places with alternative tunings, non-traditional structures, and song lyrics by turns funny and obscure. Thorpe takes cues from Toronto’s underground music scene ranging from Eric Chenaux to Sandro Perri and Jennifer Castle. Merging this sound with the likes of Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth, Kurt Vile and the sonic experiments of the ’60s and ’70s, Thorpe has cultivated a unique collection of songs for adventurous listeners.

Album opener Rita & George, almost eight minutes long, sets the tone as discordant guitars accompany by Thorpe’s half-spoken, half-sung dream. Forthcoming single, Manhattan is a dissonant celebration of New York, idle moments, and not getting to meet Thurston Moore. ‘Down To The Ground’ slows the pace; opening like Spiderland era Slint, the track flows seamlessly into Transformer-era Lou Reed. Why Try is an experimental tour de force, while current single Honeysuckle Moon has the openness of the likes of Dirty Three, Yo La Tengo or Smog.

The culmination of a diverse life that has seen Thorpe live in Toronto and now Glasgow, and make an indelible mark on the world of art, ‘Love & Weather’ is an immersive assortment of reflections of a universe where people, animals, elements, and forces are all colliding in a ridiculous and wonderful mess. 

Honeysuckle Moon and ‘Love & Weather’ are out now via Unusual Music Exchange.

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