Karate, Guns & Tanning share riot grrrl anthem ‘Breaking Teeth’

Karate, Guns & Tanning Press photo

The fierce witchy psych-leaning post-punk/shoegaze outfit Karate, Guns & Tanning has shared their mind-blowing new single, the riot grrrl anthem Breaking Teeth. The single is accompanied by an unbelievably surreal, dystopian motion-animated music video from Andrew Knives. Breaking Teeth is the final single that the fast-rising Louisville/Indianapolis-based LGBTQIA-inclusive band is sharing ahead of the release of their already-acclaimed debut album ‘Concrete Beach’ (out today via Bandcamp + vinyl order). Check out the video clip via YouTube below.

You can also stream Breaking Teeth here: https://karategunsandtanning.fanlink.to/breakingteeth

Breaking Teeth was written among some of the darkest days of the Trump administration, so KG&T’s songwriting partners Valerie Green and Paige Shedletsky penned the track in a literal sense about an anticipated fight at an underground club, envisioning the crowd going wild, blood and teeth flying, etc. At a time when our administration was making women and the LGBTQ community feel vulnerable, the two wanted to create a track that felt angry and powerful, and could be a vessel for the anger that had been manifesting.

Andrew Knives’ corresponding music video is full of underlying hidden meanings; there’s a main underlying tone that there’s a sense of chaotic fight or energy within all of us. The video starts and ends with a television set; in the beginning it starts in the middle of the desert, symbolizing a sense of isolation. It then is found at the end, in the living room of a suburban family, symbolizing that chaos is next door (and inside) all of us. Knives even used a few newly-found methods of post-production editing to bring the video to life.

For more information on Karate, Guns & Tanning, visit www.karategunsandtanning.com.

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