Lithuania’s Timid Kooky share new single ‘Run Uphill’

Timid Kooky press photo

Lithuanian rock trio Timid Kooky have shared their chaotic new single Run Uphill which is out now and available on all good digital service providers. The track is the latest to be lifted from their forthcoming new EP, ‘Baby Be My Spiderman,’ which will be released on April 20, 2021 via The state51 Conspiracy.

Commenting on the track, the band say: “Run Uphill is a song about resisting your ego, fighting back, choosing the hard way to defeat inner demons and achieve fullness. Choosing to run up the hill to the ego’s summit, to stand atop and enjoy the clear view.” Listen to Run Uphill via YouTube below.

‘Baby Be My Spider-Man’ EP details

Their new EP ‘Baby Be My Spider-Man’ was recorded in October 2020 at Ymir Audio in Vilnius, Lithuania, and was produced, mixed and mastered by Snorre Bergerud.

Commenting on the theme of the EP, guitarist Džiugas Stanevičius says: “We decided to make this EP a kind of a concept album about an overconfident, macho superhero type dude, who takes everything too seriously, who constantly thinks about what others think of him and who has a bike just to look cool. Eventually the feeling of riding takes him over and he goes on an inner self-realisation journey while riding his bike. Every song is a phase he’s going through during the journey. In the end he finds himself, his inner peace—he is no longer driven by ego, he is free from himself.”

Baby Be My Spiderman’ EP track list

01 – Westley Snypes
02 – Baby Be My Spiderman
03 – Win Big, Lose It
04 – Run Uphill
05 – Pats Sau

The ‘Baby Me My Spiderman’ EP is released April 20, 2021 via The state51 Conspiracy

More about Timid Kooky

Part of the New Wave of Lithuanian Rock currently bubbling up from the Baltic states, Timid Kooky are all about cartoonish celebration of the mundane. As such, the Lithuanian trio have absorbed alternative and progressive rock, black metal, noise, and funk, to create a curiously addictive new sound—often little more than chants laid over menacing, hypnotic riffs, their songs are as fascinating as they are visceral. 

Queens of The Stone Age and Primus are cited as key musical influences, and their style also contains echoes of Beastie Boys’ wackiness and the post-hardcore sonic assault of Rollins Band. Their musical boldness and independent DIY ethos were met with praise in 2017 when they were named the Best Young Band in Lithuania, as well as the Best New Baltic Band at the NOVUS music contest.

Since the release of their 2018 debut album ‘Tanzen,’ Timid Kooky have travelled back and forth across Europe tirelessly, imprinting their name into the Baltic music scene and flirting with international festivals including MENT Ljubljana (SI), Liverpool Sound City (UK), SKIFF (RU), ENEA Spring Break (PL), Monkey Week (ES), Eurosonic (NL) and others.

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