Little Tornados share ‘I Disappear’ video

Little Tornados press shot

Little Tornados press shotI Disappear is a collaboration between Little Tornados (Switzerland) and Caroline Says, the project of Austin, Texas-based Caroline Sallee. Little Tornados is the work of David Thayer in collaboration with Laetitia Sadler (of Stereolab).

Laetitia and Amin Khatir play and arranged bass on I Disappear, and the drum work is by Berlin-based Hans Hansen. A gentle pop excursion into the underbelly of psychedelia; careful guitar lines and harmonies under the influence of Lindsey Buckingham’s Trouble.

The video was made by Caroline Sallee with help from photographer Sandra Stepien. Check out the video via YouTube below.

The track is lifted from the band’s album,Apocalypse!’ will be released February 15, 2018.

Little Tornados Apocalypse cover

‘Apocalypse!’ tracklisting

1. Venture
2. URSA Major
3. Chérie la Mouche
4. Fire
5. Finally
6. Water Song/Water Song
7. I Disappear
8. Pleasure, Treasure Airline
9. Texas
10. Diamantes del Sol