Mind Shrine shares new single ‘5 Long Days’

Mind Shrine press photo
Photo credit: Arturo Olmos

Houston-based band Mind Shrine have shared their new single 5 Long Days. With woozy, rhythmic guitars that swirl around lead singer Jess Howard’s voice, the song is inspired by their experience in LA last summer when they traveled for the first time out of state as a band to finish songs off of their debut, self-titled EP. After planning to work with an artist who offered to mix their songs and let them crash at his home, the day of their departure the artist ghosted the band without any explanation. They arrived at LAX with no place to stay and thus the 5 Long Days was born.  Listen to the track via SoundCloud below.

Formed in 2016, Richie Alejandro (Drums/Percussion) and Brian Gonzalez (Guitar/Bass/Backup Vox) met through a mutual friend while playing in a soccer league nearby where they grew up in the same Hispanic neighborhood with eventual member Bradley DeAnda (Guitar/Bass/Backup Vox) in Houston, TX. After moving to Houston from Seattle, Jess Howard (Vox/Percussion) joined the band in 2018.

Along the process of recording their first, self-titled EP, ‘Mind Shrine,’ they began playing opening slots for acts such as HOMESHAKE, Beach Fossils, The Marías, Divino Niño, Inner Wave, TOPS, and more. Following the release of their EP in August 2019, Mind Shrine started touring with international Mexican acts CLUBZ and Girl Ultra until touring again with Michael Seyer and Paul Cherry throughout Texas. 

Mind Shrine’s friendship and love for each other shines through their music inspired by ’60s/’70s Rock with a touch of Pop and a hint of Punk mentality. They all bring a different perspective to the group and come together to form a collective thought.