Moon King live at ALLCAPS! Festival 2011

All Caps! poster

Yesterday (August 13), I went to the sold-out ALLCAPS! Island Festival presented by Wavelength, Artscape Gibraltar Point and WhipperSnapper. The event was a two day festival of independent music and visual art in and around Artscape Gibraltar Point on Toronto Island. Julie Doiron (ex-Eric’s Trip), Rich Aucoin, DD/MM/YYYY, Moon King, Jen Castle and Woodensky played the festival on Toronto Island. There was a real sense of community at the Artscape complex and the camping area which made the festival come to life as intended.

I went to the event to check out Moon King featuring Daniel Woodhead and Maddy Wilde (both ex-Spiral Beach members) play a live set of their upbeat combination of electronic / garage rock.

Moon King are a two piece with Daniel on drums / vocals, and Maddy on guitar / vocals – they work well off each other vocally. The electronic sounds and beats came from a backing tracks, but Daniel perfectly layered in acoustic drums into the mix. Maddy added electric guitar to round out their catchy style. The lyrics were simple, but very sing-a-long friendly. Moon King did a great job pulling the crowd in close to them and drawing them into their musical journey touching on elements of garage rock, punk, and electronic music. They sound heavier live than on recordings due to Daniel’s punchy drumming  and Maddy’s distorted guitar which was a pleasant surprise.

Check out Moon King’s track Big Dumb Blue Angel featuring Simpson’s footage in the video. This is such a catchy track and featured on the EP of the same name on the band’s Bandcamp site.

You can get some of Moon King’s music at Make sure to check them out when they come to you neck of the woods.

I unfortunately was unable to stick around to see the other bands on the bill, but I hope this summer festival will be here to stay.

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