Mr. Bones premiere latest single ‘You Ruined It’

Mr. Bones

Mr. Bones have premiered their latest single in anticipation of their upcoming record ‘Bites,’ which is due out February 26th via Portland DIY imprint Good Cheer Records. The track is You Ruined It, a fuzzy blast of ’90s inspired alt-pop. You can take a listen to You Ruined It via Soundcloud below.


Track list:
1.  I Adore You
2. Do You Wanna Feel Alright?
3. Candlewax, Database
4. 12
5. I Drove You Crazy
6. Bad Drivers of South Carolina
7. All New People
8. Roma
9. Aerostar
10. You Ruined It


You can preorder ‘Bites’ via Bandcamp.

More about Mr. Bones? Mr. Bones’ self-titled debut—released on Good Cheer Records in February of last year—was a patchwork of power pop’s past, evoking everyone from Raspberries to Guided By Voices to early Fountains of Wayne, sometimes within the course of a single, two-minute song.Those growing pains have been resolved with this year’s ‘Bites’. While Mr. Bones are still shamelessly reverential—after all, great artists steal—Bites comes off as a more focused, cohesive whole. “Recording ‘Bites’ was a more organized experience, though it took way longer,” says singer/guitarist Leland Brehl. “These songs were picked and written with an album in mind.”

That said, ‘Bites’ wastes no time getting to the point. Choruses are indiscernible from verses, and bridges are employed sparingly. Brehl’s lyrics are conversational and effortless. On a surface level, Mr. Bones have a lot in common with peers in the garage rock scene—the lo-fi affectations, the post-culture attitudinizing, the ironic nostalgia for a decade they were barely conscious during (their name is a reference to a Sega Saturn game). But at its core, ‘Bites’ is a depressing album, a distinctly Generation Y spin on traditional pop anguish that walks the thin line between past and present, with the future in its peripheral vision. And if you still think it’s fun then you’re just not listening hard enough.”