Music Video Addiction: Monday July 1, 2013 edition

Music Video Addiction

Don’t worry, you didn’t lose a day and it is actually Monday rather than Sunday for the Music Video selections this week. I have lined up a bunch of great videos for you to check out. Sit back and listen / view, and make sure to share and / or leave a comment since we love to hear from you. We hope you enjoy the tracks as much as we have this week.

Pixies: Bagboy – New Pixies minus Kim Deal.
[youtube_sc url=”” theme=”light”]

Wavves: That’s On Me – their new video.
[youtube_sc url=”” theme=”light”]

Bloc Party: Ratchet – Unbelievable editing and very catchy track.
[youtube_sc url=”” theme=”light”]

Kurt Vile: KV Crimes – slacker rock is back.
[youtube_sc url=”” theme=”light”]

Pond: Xanman – some weirdo psychedelic rock.
[youtube_sc url=”” theme=”light”]

Fuck Buttons: Red Wings – interesting use the mirror and slow motion effects.
[youtube_sc url=”” theme=”light”]

Thanks for watching this edition. We’ll be back again next Sunday with more music videos for your viewing and listening pleasure, so pop back in again and look back in the archives for older editions.

Cameron from Culture Addicts

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