Myspace – Is It Back From The Dead?

myspace tombstone

You counted Myspace out of the social media game, right? You heard that Justin Timberlake had invested in the company and nothing changed at all and it was still dark at the Myspace camp, correct? Well, they just resurfaced with a preview its new layout and it actually seems quite interesting from the video released today online – see video via Vimeo below and link at the bottom of this post.

New Myspace profile for musicians

It looks like the new Myspace takes familiar concept used by Pinterest and Facebook and pulls them together but also has some cool looking analytics / mapping features for musicians / bands.

The site hasn’t set a date for its official re-launch and Tim Vanderhook said: “We’re really far along, but we really want that last twenty percent to really be crafted by more people like Justin that actually know the tools and things that they need.” I’m looking forward to seeing more of the site to really see how it works.

A couple key questions – will Justin Timberlake be the new Tom Anderson automatically connecting with everyone? Will an existing account still be active in the new version? Only time will tell I suppose.

For more information on the new Myspace and a preview video, visit

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