N0V3L announces debut full-length album, ‘NON-FICTION’

NOV3L press photo

N0V3L have announced their debut full-length album, ‘NON-FICTION’, which will be out via Flemish Eye. A collection of agile, carefully-constructed post-punk, new wave and funk that’s been zapped and warped by an opioid overdose crisis, mental illness, populism, and the merciless onward march of time, ‘NON-FICTION’ is dark and occasionally danceable, a macabre late-capitalist disco under a pall of confusion. 

The album’s lead single GROUP DISEASE is a bitter analysis of ingroup/outgroup dogma and the accelerating violence of populism.

Obsessed with patterns amidst the madness/A lust for meaning, a search for balance,” sings vocalist Jon Varley. As guitars trade outbursts, he laments: “A group disease to ease despair/Submit, believe, no cross to bear.” Listen to GROUP DISEASE via YouTube below.

‘NON-FICTION’ will be out across digital retailers May 28 and will be in stores July 9 via Flemish Eye Records. Pre-order here.

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