New apparel company, Derivative, launches online store

Derivative® launched their online store, Founded by Justin Sena, a Santa Monica local with a passion for turning ‘nothings into somethings’, Derivative creates clothing and accessories out of everything from guitar strings to recycled bottles. The line’s concept is that everything comes from something; each piece is a derivative of something else that experienced a transformation, which Derivative depicts in their logo with a delta, a symbol of change.

Inspired by artists, musicians, and local creators, Derivative is dedicated to offering creative fashion for creative souls. The brand collaborates with artists and creators to produce and distribute products that change the way you think about wearing your clothes. Key items include fashion sleeves, wallet suspenders, and hoodies made out of recycled bottles.

In addition to the line, Derivative will also give back to local youth. The entire team is extremely passionate and dedicated to supporting organizations dealing with troubled, homeless, and less fortunate young adults in the hopes to inspire and create future artists and makers. A charity program is currently in the works and the packaging used to ship Derivative products to customers can be recycled into piggy banks for collecting money to support featured causes.


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