New Life share debut single ‘God Will Never Come For Us’

Brooklyn-based New Life has released their first single, God Will Never Come For Us, a track about seduction, darkness, lust and desire. Take a listen to the single via Soundcloud below.

Blending contemporary indie rock with a layer of 80s new wave, New Life craft dark soundscapes bringing to mind comparisons to Depeche Mode and Joy Division.

“I started forming the idea for this new project at the tail end of 2014 when I wanted to take my songwriting and production in a different direction to do something I’ve never done before,” explains Andrew Marr, the songwriter and creative force. “Recording in my studio while using synths, drum machines and samples for the first time opened up a new world to help me develop new darker sonic textures.”

Andrew Marr, former frontman for indie pop band Ski Lodge, began experimenting with darker sounds in his Brooklyn studio in the late evenings last winter. He quickly realized the endless new possibility stretching his musical scope as he reflected on the harsh New York cold of late 2014. After completing an entire LP’s worth of material that pushed his musical horizons into the red, he began rehearsing the songs with John Barinaga (guitar), Jake Beal (drums) and Jason Weiss (bass, synth).

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