‘No Pop’ stickers appear outside Toronto music venues

No Pop stick post

If you check out live music at the most popular Toronto music venues, you may have seen some stickers that are exclaiming ‘No Pop’. On lampposts, garbage cans, doorways, or pretty much any vertical surface these mysterious stickers have popped up outside The Horseshoe, The Baby G, Phoenix Concert Theatre, Monarch Tavern, and around Kensington Market.

There’s definitely a ‘No Pop’ movement happening that encourages everyone to check out live music, look to the past for music not just the now, and move away from all things popular. It’s a groundswell that starts with the independent artists, music consumers who put their money into supporting local artists by checking them out live / buying their albums, and now our mysterious hero is broadcasting the ‘No Pop’ ideology through adhesive art.

Keep an eye out when you’re around Toronto venues. If you see a ‘No Pop’ sticker’ snap a photo and post it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, whatever you’re using…and let everyone know you support the movement. If you seeing a local band…why not tag them as well to give them a little boost.

We all in this together…let’s keep local music and venues alive. Get out there and enjoy the music!