NØMADS re-emerge with new single ‘Traumatophobia’

NØMADS have re-emerged with a blistering new instrumental single Traumatophobia, which is the post-punk duo’s first new music since their 2014 full-length, ‘Free My Animal’. Take a listen to Traumatophobia via SoundCloud below.

Traumatophobia is the first glimpse of NØMADS’ forthcoming ‘PHOBIAC EP,’ which is expected to be released in 2016. The EP is based on phobias (Traumatophobia is the fear of war, injury, or traumatic accident). NØMADS is a NYC-based post-punk duo, and features Nathan Lithgow (My Brightest Diamond) on bass, and Garth Macaleavey (Inlets) on drums. The single features Sebastian Krueger (bandleader of Inlets, and Lithgow’s fellow My Brightest Diamond band alum) on bass clarinet.

In their words: “Now, more than ever, we live in a world dominated by fear processing. Our news cycle, our daily intake of imagery, the very prism through which we view our lives in the post 9/11 world is shot through with fear. Unwittingly, we have all collectively come to fetishize the process of becoming afraid.”

More on NØMADS? NØMADS is a maximum sound duo, forged and incubated in a small rehearsal room in Brooklyn. NØMADS harkens back to the razor-efficient songwriting forms of 90’s bands like Nirvana, Fugazi, and Girls Against Boys, while updating the style and stripping the approach to its essential foundations of lyricism and sonic intensity.

NØMADS is a primal sound that capitalizes on conspicuous juxtapositions: minimal instrumentation against maximum sound, aggression against beauty, soft melody versus an aggression of expression. Their debut full-length ​’Free My Animal’​ came out in April 2014, and was an album about liberation, belief, and being alive, incorporating elements of bands like Death From Above 1979 and Queens of the Stone Age.

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