NXNE 2012: Doldrums @ Wrongbar June 16


It’s been a while since I saw Doldrums play live in their warehouse space, but they have really developed their sound since that show. They are a 3 piece in the current configuration of the band, made up synths, effects, sampler, and electronic / acoustic drums. Brothers Airick and Daniel work together to create a really unique vocal sound by harmonizing and using effects on one of the vocals.

Doldrums are doing something completely different than what is out there in electronic music today with the spacey atmospheric vocals and very bass heavy tribal / rave drum beats (in the live setting at least). Airick acts as a new age conductor leading his bandmates and the audience through a highly danceable, propulsive set. He keeps the other two members in check as he lays down the frantic samples and base rhythms.

MP3: Doldrums – Egypt

Even though there is a lot of buzz around Doldrums, they definitely deliver on the hype with a fun danceable live set and energetic performance. I would go to see them in heartbeat when their next show pops up on the calendar. During their Wrongbar set for NXNE 2012 (one of a number of performances during the festival), they played a new track that fit very nicely in with the rest of the set which came in just under 30 mins.

For more information on Doldrums, visit endlessdoldrums.com.

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