NXNE 2012: Epic show cancellation June 15

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As some of our readers know, Culture Addicts is an artist run blog and I (Cameron) was scheduled to play a NXNE 2012 showcase for my music project Your Pretend Boyfriend on June 15 at the super cool bar, Unlovable with a few electronic / DJ / hip-hop artists. Unfortunately, things didn’t pan out as originally planned with the Toronto Police coming in an hour before the showcase and revoking the bar’s liquor license (great timing during NXNE) and things spiralled downwards from there. The venue made a decision to close until the suspension is lifted, which obviously knocked out all showcases for the evening. Bummer # 2 of the festival.

Even though we were unable to play and I had prepared for a couple months leading up to the showcase, three good things came out of the whole bad situation. Firstly, I met The Futureless who create dark, new wave music – and are both super nice guys, and I am liking their sound a lot. I am hoping we will have a chance to work together in the future. Check out their video below.

Second, even though we didn’t meet under the best of circumstances, Jamal from Unlovable is also really cool (great meeting him) and he will keep the bar going (it would be a loss for the city if it closed permanently). By the way, this is where the amazing Little Girls filmed the video for their track Daydream – watch it below.

Once the dust settled and I packed up all of my equipment, I was bummed out and didn’t check out any bands.

Are you wondering what happened to good thing # 3 that came out of the epic cancellation? This actually happened on Saturday June 16, so you will have to check that post as well to find out.

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