Photo Ops release video from debut LP

Photo Credit: Kathleen Amano

Photo Ops, the dream-pop project from Terry Price, has released the video for Chameleons, lifted from his debut LP, ‘How To Say Goodbye‘. Directed by Cody Newman, the video captures Price’s “realization of the importance of friends, especially after I felt like I had none. Cody attempts to show the intense strangeness of never quite being noticed in life, especially when you want to me noticed the most. You just blend in.” Watch Chameleons below via Vimeo.

Price played nearly all of the instruments on ‘How To Say Goodbye,’ including acoustic and electric guitar, the Roland Juno-60 analog synthesizer, organ, piano, and bass. He co-produced it with Patrick Damphier of Saddle Creek act The Mynabirds, at the latter’s studio. The goal was to “sonically fuse” three albums, Paul Simon’s eponymous 1972 album, Dion’s Born to Be With You (produced by Phil Spector) and The Radio Dept.’s Clinging to a Scheme. “I wanted to combine chillwave with a more straightforward, honest approach,” he says. “The album title ‘How To Say Goodbye‘ may seem clichéd,” he goes on, “but I didn’t want there to be a question of what I was singing about: How to say goodbye to youth, friendships, innocence, thinking you understand the world, all that in general.”

how to say goodbye

01. All The World Is
02. It Makes Me Cry
03. Chameleons
04. Wanna Feel Good
05. Someplace
06. You Said You Were
07. February Ocean Breeze
08. Go To Sleep
09. A Hundred Miles Away
10. Sail Across My Eyes

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