Pony Girl shares ‘Enny One Wil Love You’ video

Pony Girl press photo
Photo credit: Curtis Perry

Ottawa-Hull-based art pop collective, Pony Girl recently announced their forthcoming LP, ‘Enny One Wil Love You,’ which will be released on October 14 via Paper Bag Records. Now, the group have shared the video for the album’s title track.

Initially inspired by a friend of the band’s childhood drawing, that featured an outdoor scene with a large tree, a smiling sun and a grandma having tea. In the middle of the drawing there’s a red heart with the words ‘Enny One Wil Love You’ written inside of it. The song that formed in its name sake, several years later, leans into making and giving space. It pokes at centrism, pseudo-intellectual male culture and complacent energy. “Enny One Wil Love You sounds like a dizzying video game that you’re not sure how to win,” says the band. “It’s a backhanded compliment for false prophets—anyone will love them despite their bullshit. Community doubt only benefits their toxicity, so you better pick a side. Indifference is far more dangerous than doubt.”

The video by UK/Beijing director Shiyi Li conceptualizes a woman waking up on an empty bed, there is a piece missing in her memory and she can’t recall how she ended up in this room. There is a memory puzzle on her wrist, she has to find the lost piece in a hyper-reality world. The character has literally lost a piece of her and the only place she will find it, is within herself. 

Watch the video for Enny One Wil Love You via YouTube below or listen here.

Recipients of the Prix FEQ Emerging Artist Award in 2016 for their ‘high level of innovation and musicality…exceptional performance quality and on-stage presence’ Pony Girl has seen consistent praise from various media for their ‘evocative soundscapes’ (CBC Radio), their ‘ability to push the boundaries that define pop-rock‘ (Mixtape Magazine), and a ‘musical depth quite astonishing to experience (Exclaim!), ‘Enny One Wil Love You,’ marks the group’s debut release with Paper Bag Records. ‘Enny One Wil Love You,’ holds a mirror to our negative cycles for an album that’s as alluring as self-sabotage. Don’t let the title from a childhood painting fool you. Perpetual wartime, teenage temptations, false idols—we’re always crashing the same car in some form or another. So did the band, quite literally, in the lead-up to the album release. Pony Girl have braved much together, and their music is stronger for it. Pony Girl released their first album, ‘Show Me Your Fears,’ in 2013 and their sophomore effort, ‘Foreign Life,’ in 2015 through their own label So Sorry Records. As community builders, members of the collective also helm Pop Drone, an arts non-profit dedicated to celebrating and elevating Ottawa-Hull talent.

Pony Girl Enny One Wil Love You cover artwork

‘Enny One Wil Love You’ track list

01. Talking About You 
02. Enny One Wil Love You
03. As the Old Sing
04. Rossa
05. Age of Anxious
06. Shopping Online
07. King of the Country Club
08. Now I Know
09. You Live and You Die
10. Makeup
11. In Wartime
12. Running in Circles

The 12-song album is available to pre-order/pre-save here.

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