Six Degrees Series

The Six Degrees is an online series streamed via Mixcloud. It’s all about connections and the musical thread that ties together two bands. It might be a spin-off band, cover version, solo project, sample, producer, and any other connection that creates a link between each band. Each episode, we will start with a band and leap frog from band to band tying one to the next to the next to the next, and so on until we have connected the two showcase bands together. It’s like a musical version of six degrees of Kevin Bacon (if you remember that).

Sounds easy right? If I was using YouTube and Spotify to find the bands and play the tracks. the big limitations and challenge is I must have a record from the band or artist in my collection so i can spin it live into the set. This is an all vinyl series – physical vinyl media only and no cheating.

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Episode 5 : David Bowie to Franz Ferdinand – Sunday May 22 @ 8 pm ET

Six Degrees Episode 5
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