Psych icon Joel Jerome returns with ‘Nothing Here To Bother You Anymore’ video

Joel Jerome

Los Angeles psych icon Joel Jerome has shared his new single There’s Nothing Here to Bother You Anymore. He made a name for himself as the frontman and mastermind behind indie outfit Dios (Malos), who Pitchfork described as making California’s pop less predictable.

His solo work traffics in the dusty, sepia tones of music that could only be made in LA’s desert haze, and the bands (Cherry Glazerr, Froth, La Sera, etc) he’s had a hand in producing have carried this torch to critical acclaim.

His new video for There’s Nothing Here to Bother You Anymore is directed by Steve Hanft, who directed the lo-fi Elliott Smith documentary ‘Strange Parallel’ and shot Beck’s Loser video. The video clip follows a day in the life with Jerome and his bull dog as they wander through LA’s sun-baked parking lots. Watch it via YouTube below.

The music of Joel Jerome is a walk­down through the transient spaces of the heart, where the ebb and flow, the tug and pull, and the catch and release of life’s longings echo in reverberations of consciousness. Joel masterfully weaves lyrics that guide listeners through universal questions and observations about love, loyalty, loss, and learning how to navigate the twists and intersections of everyday life. By mixing instrumental volume with vocal layering, Joel explores interior spaces, at times drawing listeners into a venue with high­vaulted ceilings, filled with voices of praise for the unknown, only to be left standing alone and uncertain of anything.

There is a familiar feeling expressed in his music that bridges the gap between personal and shared experience, filled with moments of meeting and departing. It creates a safe space to communicate what is sometimes difficult to express, those pieces of ourselves that motivate our decisions but are not always clear until much later, while simultaneously making the space accessible and easy to belong in. Joel Jerome builds safety in the arms of his productions and promises to be all you ever wanted.