Rare Americans release debut album ‘Rare Americans’

Rare Americans

Rare Americans release their debut self-titled album, ‘Rare Americans’. The new project features singles from music videos like Cats, Dogs, & Rats, Balmoral HotelMoss Park and most recently I vs I. Watch the video for I vs I via YouTube below.

The duo enjoy and draw inspiration from a diverse collection of artists including the Arctic Monkeys, Modest Mouse, Bad Religion and Run the Jewels.  This combination of influences induces cathartic feelings in listeners with the band’s signature use of rowdy chants and spooky guitar riffs in their music.

Rare Americans is a cohesive, honest representation of the band’s true sound.  Its raw lyricism coerces the listener to look inward but also outward at the corruption in their own communities.  This induced self-reflection makes the Rare Americans listening experience a sobering one, but doesn’t bog the listener down. Rather, the sound of Rare Americans is quite invigorating.

More about Rare Americans? Rare Americans. Two Canadian Priestner brothers who’d never written a song together until a year ago and a crazy Slovakian guitar virtuoso named Lubo. Go figure. Not crooked in the sense they’re criminals, in fact, they barely have a speeding ticket between them. Crooked in the sense that they see the world a little crooked, telling stories with slants. Rare Americans sing for characters who rarely take the straight path. Catchy because they like catchy music and this way if no one else likes it at least they can enjoy belting out these classics at family dinner. That’s highly unlikely, however, this record is fucking good.