Roadside Graves announce new EP

Roadside Graves Acne/Ears

Roadside Graves will release ‘Acne/Ears,’ their fifth proper full length and first to be released via Don Giovanni Records. The members of Roadside Graves are scattered throughout the Tri-State area and even one is in Spain, these are not songs about other people, or influenced by characters in books as they’ve done in the past. This is the band’s attempt to recreate moments in their lives that weren’t necessarily poignant at the time, but grew to be just that as they aged. These are songs lived in and caved in, at times both depressing and care free. Wild and naive. Genuine and dumb. Take a listen to Gospel Radio via YouTube below, which is lifted from ‘Acne/Ears’.

‘Acne/Ears’ varies in subject and seriousness, like a long conversation with an old friend. Anything is up for discussion, interpretation, and consideration: feeling jealous of handsome carefree surfers, being selfish while your father dies, blowing up balloons for the prom, worrying about your family, the loneliness and absurdity of being on tour, staying home from school because of acne, andjust appreciating the right amount of duct tape wrapped tightly around the microphone stand.

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