Shady Nasty release new EP ‘Bad Posture’ + share ‘77SUNK’ video

Shady Nasty press photo
Photo credit: Kazuya Yoshino

Sydney-based weirdo punks Shady Nasty have released their new EP, ‘Bad Posture,’ via Royal Mountain Records and Inertia Music. Featuring previously released Get Buff, Jewellery and AA. The band have also shared the new video for 77SUNK, the final track lifted from the new EP. Watch the video clip via YouTube below.

Directed and shot by drummer Luca Watson and Harry Welsh, with VFX editing and design by Curtis Agnew, the band explained the video as “77SUNK deals with growth and adversity. The opening lyric “Bad posture” refers to Stathis’  [Kevin, guitar/vocals] hunched back of which he is constantly reminded by his relatives who tell him to ‘straighten up’. This directive offers a glimpse of the rigid notions of how one should live that his immigrant family have tried to impress upon him. Importantly, Shady Nasty presents a new path that many of Stathis’ friends and family would not be able to understand.

The video “explores the collision of urban and regional spaces that the band experienced on their first tour of the East Coast of Australia; highways marked by freight trucks glitch and blur with powerlines that extend over kilometres of bush land.

Sydney trio Shady Nasty take an unconventional approach to the ever-transforming landscape of their city. “We feel disconnected within our music scene. We sound different to every band here, but at the same time, we write about our life and our experiences, so in a way it is Sydney-based,” muses Kevin Stathis, vocalist and guitarist. “We live in a globalized world, we can see what’s going on in the United States and the UK, but we view it through a different lens,” continues drummer Luca Watson. “We want to reinvent it. There’s a legacy of Australian rock bands who thrive on the local, idiosyncratic reference stuff, but I am not interested in extending that legacy. I want to do something different.”

With backgrounds in jazz and classical music, Shady Nasty subvert expectations. Inspired by the likes of Show Me The Body, King Krule, Iceage, Low Life and Mount Kimbie, the Sydney trio play an energetic and weirdo breed of punk that skirts the boundaries of the genre, driving at an intersection of hardcore, hip hop and post-punk. Their unconventional approach resulted in signing with Royal Mountain Records and Inertia Music for their EP, ‘Bad Posture’.

Modding cars. Chinese heritage. Making ends meet. ‘Bad Posture’ explores these themes with a snarling, swaggering confidence, tackling the expectations placed on them by immigrant parents, revelling in the liberation of rebellion, all while facing mental health and addiction head on whilst railing against a city slowly being crushed by big business. 

Shady Nasty Bad Posture EP cover

1. Jewellery
2. Get Buff
3. AA
4. 77SUNK

‘Bad Posture’ is out now on Royal Mountain Records and Inertia Music. It’s available here.

They have toured Australia multiple times, played at Brisbane’s BIGSOUND Festival, had regular radio airplay on Australia’s renowned Triple J, and will be performing at both SXSW and New Colossus Festival.

Tour dates
February 20th – The Bearded Lady – Brisbane, AU
February 21st – Vinnies Dive – Gold Coast, AU
February 22nd – The Northern – Byron Bay, AU
February 27th – The Cambridge – Newcastle, AU
February 28th – The Lansdowne – Sydney, AU
February 29th – Farmer & The Owl Festival – Wollongong, AU
March 5th – Old Bar – Melbourne, AU
March 6th – Cactus Bar – Albury, AU
March 7th – Transit Bar – Canberra, AU
March 11th – New Colossus – Club Lola (9:15pm) – New York, NY
March 13th – New Colossus –  Pianos (3:45pm) – New York, NY
March 13th – New Colossus –  The Delancey (8:15pm) – New York, NY
March 15th – New Colossus –  Bowery Electric Map Room (1:30pm) – New York, NY
March 19th – SXSW – AdHoc Showcase – Cheer Up Charlie’s (time TBA) – Austin, TX
March 19th – SXSW – Sounds Australia Showcase (6:00pm) – Austin, TX
March 20th – SXSW – Secret Sounds Showcase – Lucille (11:45pm) – Austin, TX
April 10th – Bad Friday Weekender – Railway Parade, Marrickville – Sydney, AU