SHRINK shares new single ‘Cut You Loose’

SHRINK press photo
Photographer Credit: Lorenzo Garrido

SHRINK is the project of 22 year old Sam Breathwick. To coincide with the release of his self-titled debut EP, he shared new single Cut You Loose. The song is a cathartic track about removing someone from your life when a relationship ends, and comes with a symbolic video shot by notable duo Ethan + Tom (Flohio, NAYANA IZ, Connie Constance). Watch the video clip for Cut You Loose via YouTube below.

Also known as the hotly-tipped producer Vasser, who has recently worked on tracks for Connie Constance, NAYANA IZ, and others, as SHRINK he takes the stand out qualities of Yellow Days, Cautious Clay, King Krule, and has even been compared to Radiohead.

Director Ethan said the below on making the video: “I was always so astounded by the ‘I will feel the same way as I felt before’ line from the single, and it translated into me asking ‘what would it be like to remember dying?’. How remembering such a thing would be super weird, but you’d be a spectator to it, where your feelings would be the exact same as you felt before.

That sort of thinking allowed us to go into writing the video in a kind of chaotic and surreal way, where trying to remember the way you died would cause all kinds of malfunctions in your brain – like the random placements of Sam in different places, such as the outline of the body on the van, when it should have been on the ground. The arrival of the nurse who should be in a hospital, not at the scene instead of an ambulance. So that lyric and the whole strangeness of the song sort of created a world in which loads of bizarre shit could happen.”

First single Drowning was written from the perspective of his brother and what it was like for a demise of a relationship to take over like a wildfire (video here) – also filmed by  Ethan + Tom via an iPhone and thermal camera. The second released track Eraser is the most important and lyrically meaningful track on the EP for Sam as he wrote it about the unconditional care his mum showed his brother during his lows.

SHRINK EP cover artwork

SHRINK’ EP track listing

1. Cut You Loose
2. Drowning
3. Memory Man
4. Eraser
5. Rodeo

SHRINK’s self-titled debut EP is out now.

More about SHRINK?

22 year old Sam Breathwick started producing when he was just out of school. Born in Tooting, living in Singapore, Germany, and settling in Kent’s Sevenoaks, the half-German / half-British musician is proud of his mixed-heritage and encompasses this in his creative process where possible.

He produces and mixes his records in a studio based in Tottenham, where he commutes from Kent most days. 

Sam already made a name for himself as the hotly-tipped producer Vasser who got the attention of NotionClashLine Of Best FitComplex, and more, and has gained millions of listens on Spotify. 

As well as SHRINK, Sam continues to collaborate with the likes of Connie Constance on the rippling ‘Monty Python’, the opening tracks from NAYANA IZ’s explosive EP ‘SMOKE & FLY’, Sam Akrpo, Scuti, Sunken etc.

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