SleapingDreaming get surreal on ‘Ring of Fireflies’ single

SleapingDreaming Press photo

Brooklyn-based​, post-rock/​post-metal shoegaze band ​​SleapingDreaming shared their single, Ring of Fireflies, ahead of ​their album, ‘M. Inclemens’ due out 3/26/2021. Watch the video clip for the single via YouTube below.

Throughout the forthcoming record, the trio explores a sense of dreamy detached surrealism and creates dense, noisy, layered music​ with occasional vocals ​that ​cover haunting, hypnotic soundscapes. Deeply influenced by bands like ​Slowdive, Sleep, Mogwai, Neurosis, Godspeed You​, ​Black Emperor, The Cure, and Hum​, ​the trio’s new meditative and heavy single, “like much of the lyrical content on the album, ties back to a sense of dreamy detached surrealism. But in this case the song is also about ownership of one’s inner angels and devils. The idea being that while one pulls you forward with niceness and love (angels) and the other kicks you in the teeth and abuses you (devils), both ultimately result in you being better and stronger,” states the band.

The band started as an informal side-project focused on experimentation with sound and texture. It initially constituted several members without specific instrument assignments or musical goals. Over time roles within the band became more defined as a two piece focused on a layered live experience with active integration of pre-recorded loops  and electronic noise elements. In mid 2017, the band opted to bring on a third member to focus specifically on the low-end. From that point the band took on a more traditional feel, structuring music in the format of post-rock and post metal, with heavy influence from shoegaze. The band’s music is mostly instrumental and tends to be slow moving, defined by hypnotic evolutions, layering and density. 

The upcoming album ‘M. Inclemens’ was recorded during the peak of Covid lockdown in May 2020, in a big empty house that was undergoing renovation. 

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