Soundscapist Lowercase Noises announce new album, ‘The Swiss Illness’

Lowercase Noises

Lowercase NoisesAlbuquerque based soundscape artist Andy Othling aka Lowercase Noises, has announced details of his new, full-length album, ‘The Swiss Illness,’ which will be out on May 19th via BC Music. You can pre-order the upcoming record now at Along with the announcement, he has released a new video that give a glimpse into the upcoming record. Watch it via YouTube below.

Originating in a spare room in Othling’s house, Lowercase Noises has become a rising phenomenon among fans around the world. Over the last 10+ years, the prodigious musician has self-released 3 albums and 6 EPs and built a diehard cult following through social networks and YouTube. On his follow-up to 2015’s EP ‘James,’ Othling is working with his first record label, BC Music, which will assist in further discovery of his music.

Simply put, ‘The Swiss Illness’ is a remarkably beautiful record. Time seems to slip away as listeners take an emotional journey into an ethereal abyss of soft crescendos and rolling waves of poignant ambience. Composed entirely by Othling, the record’s impressive arrangement, vast depth and dream-rock style will appeal to fans of many styles of music and aligns Lowercase Noises alongside atmospheric/ambient greats like Brian Eno, Explosions in the Sky and Bon Iver.

“I wanted this album to be about death, but it didn’t fit. Instead I expanded on the idea of loss and made it about nostalgia, which for me means the loss of things both large and small, both incredibly heavy and largely inconsequential. I experienced all those things in 2016, and as a result the only thing I could create was a minimal, slowly-evolving and (hopefully) beautiful dive into that feeling. Overlaid is the story and history behind the word “nostalgia”, which was coined by doctors studying Swiss mercenaries far away from home and their physical ailments brought on by their feelings.” – Andy Othling

Lowercase Noises will be unveiling additional news in the coming weeks. Follow him at for more updates.