Street Sects re-emerge with new single ‘X Amount’

Street Sects press photo
Photo credit: Angela Betancourt

Austin, TX industrial/punk duo Street Sects embrace the ethos of punk and the experimental zeal of the industrial scene and craft a rawboned, bareknuckled sound anchored in deft lyrical storytelling. The group — featuring vocalist Leo Ashline and multi-instrumentalist Shaun Ringsmuth — have unleashed a new single that will annihilate listeners’ senses. Written shortly after the band ended their year-long hiatus, X Amount is an attempt to translate some of the visceral energy of Street Sects live show into a recording. Listen to X Amount via YouTube below.

Street Sects comment, “We’ve always felt that our recordings just aren’t on par with our live sound. While this song is certainly no substitute for the live experience, the movement and energy of the track puts you a bit closer to that feeling. This might be one of the first Street Sects tracks you could actually dance to.”

Last year, Street Sects released the completion to their long-running ‘Gentrification’ series, the five-part serial album that began eight years ago as a series of seven inches.  The group has a half dozen EP releases, two full-lengths, and with this new track, Street Sects expand upon their abundant singles output and gives the listener a sampling of what is to come from the duo.  

Street Sects will play at Levitation in Austin on Oct 27 and see them play X Amount and choice cuts from their back catalog.

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