The Bizarre Orkeztra release remastered ‘A Beautiful Place’

The Bizarre Orkeztra

COMEDIA have released the remastered version of ‘A Beautiful Place’ by Swedish post-punk/goth pioneers The Bizarre Orkeztra. In 1987, The Bizarre Orkeztra reached new highs and depths with their second full-length album ‘A Beautiful Place’. Their previous single Midnight Show was still on rotation on New York City’s rock radio stations and the buzz was growing…

In the early ’80s, The Bizarre Orkeztra arose from the ashes of the cult punk rock band PF Commando and the avant-garde post-punk band Modaern Art. The band was one of the early goth bands in Sweden and released three albums and several singles before disbanding in the late ’80s.

‘A Beautiful Place’ was The Bizarre Orkeztra’s second full-length album and is the fifth release in COMEDIA’s reissue program that every month brings you a new remastered digital re-release from the previously digitally unavailable vaults of the Swedish post-punk/goth pioneers. Forthcoming releases this year include the band’s third album ‘Hunger For Pleasure’ (released in 1988), and the single She’s Got (1989).

The Bizarre Orkeztra A Beautiful Place cover artwork

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In Sweden, the well-known music critic Mats Lundgren gave the remastered album ‘Visions On The Wall’ a 4-star review (out of 5) in the magazine HiFi & Musik: “The trio Bizarre Orkeztra was one of my Swedish favorites in the ’80s. I played them several times in the programs I did for Swedish Radio, I think I also did an interview with the band member Richard Sandberg (now Solstierna, Berlin-based artist) in connection with the release of their debut album ‘Visions On The Wall’ (1985) on little Ambush Records.The record was only printed in a thousand copies, ran out quickly, and has since been a collector’s item …. The band has the label “goth” through its dark soundscape, alarmist attack. and cathedral-like height in the sounds.35 years later, it is fun to be able to state that it still sounds very good.Surprisingly reasonably influenced by the English goth scene – I mean that The (Southern Death) Cult, Play Dead, UK Decay, etc. could not be rounded when playing like this.Nor the genre’s leading Sisters Of Mercy and The Mission. A reunion that more people should take part in.”

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