The Dahmers release ‘Blood On My Hands’ video

The Dahmers

The ‘Blood On My Hands’ EP is the latest spawn from The Dahmers. The title track is inspired by Psycho and Jekyll & Hyde, and it tells the horrific story of a schizophrenic murderer trying to cope with himself and reality. As melodic and horror influenced as always but with a rawer surface, this is a three minute slasher.

The EP contains three songs and will be released October 14th, 2016 with a limited run of only 200 copies in physical form and is also available through digital stores. Order the EP from Watch the Blood On My Hands video via YouTube below.

The Dahmers currently in the studio finishing the recording of their second yet to be named album. It is expected to be released spring 2017 via Lövely Records.

The band is quickly becoming one of the most loved and feared rock n roll nightmares to arrive from Sweden. Take the primitive energy of punk and mix it with Thin Lizzy guitars that strike like lightning. Add melodies that will stay in your head like a leech to your eye and lyrics that would make Dario Argento and George Romeros work sound like bedtime stories. Now your starting to understand what The Dahmers is all about, an ambitious band thats not afraid to throw all of their influences into the mix.