The Gooms share ‘God’s Target’ video + reschedule release date for album ‘Laugh.’

The Gooms press photo
Portraits of Los Angeles band The Gooms

Los Angeles-based indie rock quartet, The Gooms rescheduled the release of their new album ‘Laugh.’ due on September 4 via The Orchard (originally slated for 7/24). You can grab it here. The band have shared their song and animated video, God’s Target.

In discussing the song, The Gooms said, “There is an absurdity to the idea that an omnipotent, ‘God-like’ character would care enough about the problems of one single person to target and ridicule them. This song is about those who blame anything or everyone instead of taking responsibility for their own choices. Also, it’s got a pretty catchy chorus.” You can check it the God’s Target video clip via YouTube below.

The 12-track album is a collection of upbeat songs with dark undertones of mingling comic and tragic elements including various emotional dissonances that animate the band’s exploration of social relationships, isolation and personal limitations related to tragedy. Their latest song, God’s Target follows the album’s already released tracks, Free Sweaters? Fantastic! and I’m Judy Garland.

The period at the end of ‘Laugh.’ underscores the fact that the album is a directive—to laugh in the face of sadness, even if you don’t feel like it. The band shares, “we intended to showcase our goofiness, silliness, and the ability to find humor in dark places when dealing with dark subject matters”
They continue stating, “The idea of the album is basically having to live your daily life while also facing some sort of tragedy,” the band says. “We paired upbeat music with intense lyrical themes to create an album that explores the contrast between light and dark, happy and sad, and the line that often blurs them all together.” 

The Gooms Laugh. Cover artwork

‘God’s Target‘ track listing

One With Everything
LA, Cowboy
Ska Ska Blah Blah
I’m Judy Garland
Free Sweaters? Fantastic! 
Bones to Dust
Elvis Pelvis
This Can’t Be Nothing
Unoriginal Boy
Part II

The Gooms combines their love of punk, pop, surf, and jazz to create a dynamic, feel-good sound with catchy hooks that will lift you off your feet. Since they released their debut EP ‘With an M’ in October 2018, The Gooms have established themselves in the LA music scene, selling out a month-long residency at The Satellite and turning heads with their performances at local music festivals such as Echo Park Rising and Kaaboo in San Diego. Their music has been featured on KCRW’s ‘Morning Becomes Eclectic’ and The Chris Douridas Show.’ 

With the upcoming release of their album ‘Laugh.’, The Gooms are here to prove that they aren’t your typical LA indie rock outfit. They excel at mixing humor and absurdity with both their personalities and serious musical prowess. They won’t apologize for stirring a ruckus in your ear canals, but they will give you a hug.